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handprofile_student-teacher Musicians' Hand Problems:
Looking at Individuality.

In: Medical Problems of Performing Artists, Vol. 27, No. 2, June 2012, pp. 57-64

... diminish the mystery

prevention occupational diseases

The evaluation of the musician's hand: An approach to prevention of occupational diseases.
In: Spintge R, Droh R (eds), Musik in der Medizin - Music in Medicine; Springer, Berlin Heidelberg New York etc., 1987, pp 333-341

... finding out the primary causes of players' illnesses      ... genetically given
individual hand profile 1988 The pianist’s hand: anthropometry and biomechanics.
Ergonomics 31, 1988, pp. 97-131

.. biomechanic characteristics
    of professional pianists
... individual hand profiles

Success and failure Success and failure in musical performance. Biomechanics of the hand.
In: Roehmann FL, Wilson FR (eds), The Biology of Music Making,  Proceedings of the 1984 Denver Conference. MMB Music, Inc., St. Louis 1988, pp. 154-179

... successful pianists / string players and
    their hand spans, joint resistance ...
... pianists / string players with problems
    and their hand spans, joint resistance ...

Piano Learning 1973

Piano learning and programed instruction
(together with Piontek E, Teckhaus L)
Journal of Research in Music Education 21 (1973), pp 106-122

influence of tempo

The Influence of the Tempo of Playing on the Rhythmic Structure Studied at Pianist’s Playing Scales
in: Vredenbregt J, Wartenweiler J (eds), Medicine and Sport, vol 6: Biomechanics II., Basel 1971, pp 129-132

... tempo of playing has an important influence on the forming of automatism
The two books (german language):

Medizinische Probleme bei Instrumentalisten Medizinische Probleme bei Instrumentalisten - Ursachen und Prävention
Laaber 1995, 312 pp.
(out of sale)

International Symposium 1992
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Hand und Instrument Hand und Instrument - Musikphysiologische Grundlagen, Praktische Konsequenzen
in co-operation with Ulrike Wohlwender,
Wiesbaden 2005
, 368 pp.


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