Christoph Wagner - Musikphysiologie  

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"My utopia is that music physiology will make musicians' medicine superfluous one day."
(Opening of the Berlin Congress of the DGfMM 1998)

"We can only say something more specific about the dependence of musical performance on physical, physiological or psychological factors if both sides, performance and performance conditions, are observed quantitatively."
(1967, Introduction of Untersuchungen zur Ergonomie des Klavierspiels)

"It is decisive that knowledge is not only instructive, but also helpful."
(Interview around his 80th birthday 2011)

"The problems should determine the scientific methods -
not the
(existing or tempting) methods of science the problems to be researched.

 (Interview around his 80th Geburtstag 2011)

"The insight of limitations opens the way to individual solutions."
(Interview around his 80th birthday 2011)